How To Increase Your Uber Driver Ratings by 90 Percent!

In the video below,I will explain to you how to Increase your uber driver ratings by at least 90% and perfectly set yourself up to get a 5 star rating almost every single time that you have a passenger in your car. Now if you don’t understand the importance behind uber driver ratings, I highly suggest that you click here for more info. Now let’s get move on..


Increasing your uber driver ratings tip#1.Have some Social Intelligence.

Step 1-Always greet the passenger first. Step2-Confirm the destination, Step 3 make small talk pertaining to the destination and ASK QUESTIONS. You will find out that the more questions you ask, the less you have to speak due to the passenger talking 80% of the time. Understand that you will have passengers that are not into having conversation and they see you nothing more than a service to take them point A to point B. That is ok, but whats not ok is failing to pick up on the signals. Talking too much can and will irritate a passenger and will hurt your chances of getting a 5 star rating by that passenger.



Increasing your uber driver ratings tip#2. Always have G.M.A.W






This is all you really need to provide to your passenger. If you get passengers(and you will if you haven’t already) that are going out to the club, date party or some type of special occasion, they are not going to mind you offering them a mint or strip of gum. Water is also handy for people who are obviously thirsty and wouldn’t mind grabbing a water. This is good especially for the summer. Oh yea, and for drunks who may have a chance on barfing all over your backseat…

Magazines are specifically good for morning workers. Sometimes or maybe most of the time, morning workers aren’t in the mood to talk, especially if they woke up 30 mins prior to your arrival,ESPECIALLY IF THEY AREN’T EXCITED TO GO TO WORK. They may still want there “me-time”. So It’s always good to have some magazines in the backseat pockets where   they can read and occupy their mind for the ride.

Auxiliary cords are very useful every day, but in my experience, its used a lot more on weekend nights. I always offer it to “party-goers” and they usually take me up on my offer. Having an aux cord is also very handy for drivers that don’t like to talk or don’t know how to successfully defend engage in convo. Always ask the passenger if they want to listen to anything specific, then let them know that you are equipped with an aux cord.

Increasing your uber driver ratings tip#3-KEEP YOUR CAR CLEAN and MAKE SURE IT RUNS WELL!

Need i say more? first impressions are everything and how your car looks and smells will count towards increasing your rating or go against you rating. Give your car an oil change when needed. Check your tires. The last thing you need is a flat tire with a passenger. That’s definitely  an automatic one star…


Increasing your uber driver ratings tip#4. Don’t dress bummy…

I highly recommend Professional attire, like a 2 or 3 piece suit, Casual, which can be like a regular polo or t shirt, nice jeans  and good shoes or a mixture of both(which is my personal favorite) jeans, nice shirt and shoes and a blazer. I get great compliments all the time and it always helps me Increase my uber driver rating. Understand that what you look like is a reflection of your professionalism. And there will be passenger taking mental notes.


Increasing your uber driver ratings tip#5. Take a ride (as a passenger) at least once or twice a month.

This will give you the extra edge over everyone else because you get new insight from other drivers, see what they do right and/ or wrong but most importantly, you can take mental (or physical) notes on their overall customer service. Then you can compare your service to his/hers and see what you need to work on. Always work on yourself. This is key.

Enjoy the video!



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My experience driving for uber. Is it really worth it?


If you search up “driving for uber” in the google search bar, you will get a lot of mixed reviews on whether its a good idea to drive for uber or not.I mean, that’s what I did before I decided to drive for uber. I literally searched up tons of articles, blogs and youtube videos before I made my decision, and so far im 3 weeks In. I cant complain because im making the money that I expected, and its only going to increase from here. Like my mentor, Calvin “The simple driver” once said, “If you treat this like a job, it will pay you like an employee, but if you treat this like a business, it will pay you like a business owner”.  You should ingrain that into your brain if you want to become successful in driving for uber. Here are my results from week 1-3, and the lessons that I learned..


Driving for Uber in week 1: “Wet Behind The Ears”.


Prior to this week, I was struggling to keep up with bills. I had lost my job  and was going to lose my money generating machine(my vehicle) if i didn’t come up with the the rest of the  payment which was only about $100. So I searched on the internet of ways to make some good money fast. That’s when I came across Uber. I gave it a shot and at first I only had intentions of making money just to pay my car payment for the month, but after having success my first week and following advice from great uber mentors, I decided to keep the ball rolling. Driving for uber the first week, or should I say weekend,was a learning experience, but none the less, satisfying. I worked only Saturday and Sunday and got a total of $237.78, more than enough to finish off  my car payment. Now there were things that I could’ve done to make me more money but I was wet behind the ears and didn’t know any better. I wasn’t following great advice from top uber businessmen like Calvin “the simple driver Hill“, didn’t have any complimentary items for my riders, like gum, magazines or water. And most Importantly, I wasn’t really engaging in conversation and getting to know my riders, due to me being a nervous wreck. Doing this would’ve definitely boosted up my rating and I could’ve made good money in tips. And If you are thinking of driving for uber, learn from these week 1 mistakes. However, I took action, set the goal that I wanted to achieve, and Executed.

Driving for Uber in week 2: Cutting down the learning curve in half the time


There’s a famous quote that says, ” You can always tell who the pioneers are because  they have arrows in their back and are lying face down in the dirt”. Such a profound quote when you really understand it. When Driving for uber, here’s what you need to understand; there are plenty of top notch uber drivers in this nation with a lot of experience and a lot of  valuable information to help you make a lot more money when driving for uber. And at least half or more of that info pertains to the things they did wrong in the beginning that they wish they can take back. And guess what? They’re sharing it with you and I so that we don’t fall into the same pitfalls. Pitfalls are nothing more than setbacks, and if we can learn from other people’s mistakes then we can cut down the learning curve and reach success a lot quicker. So, in week 2, that’s exactly what I did. I took notes from top guys like Uberman, The simple driver, Rideshare Report, and The Rideshare Guy.  I Listened to what these guys were saying, and because of that I made an easy $543.02 under 30 hrs of work. And If you are new to my blog site, its in your absolute benefit to  apply the strategies, tips, and lessons being taught here. You will thank me later…

Driving for Uber in week 3: Whats your exit plan?


Make no mistake, UBER IS NOT A CAREER. And trading your valuable time for money is a bad strategy, simply because its at the expense of your life. Money is always going to be here, but your time will not, and every second matters. But oh wait, who can forget about our beloved technology? There’s talks of self driving cars in the near future, which is inevitable.( Click Here for more info on self driving cars) , and its highly possible that there will be less uber drivers and more self driving cars once it actually happens. Now I honestly don’t think that is something you have to worry about right now, but eventually this will happen due to the rise and demand of technology. So lets face it, technology is taking over jobs more and more each year. There are less employees working at food marts due to self checkouts, and what do you think is going to happen to the UPS and Fedex workers once Amazon Prime Air is in full affect?  Those are just a few examples out of many, but I hope you see where this is going. Point blank, you need an exit plan.

Calvin “The simple driver” Hill talks about maximizing your profits with uber by creating your own intellectual property- a website (Click to watch his full video here). Think of this as your own piece of real estate. Calvin talks about getting targeted traffic to your website, creating your brand, creating great content for your website and giving your readers a chance to sign up, so whenever that happens, you make an affiliate commission of $300 per sign up. Now that’s huge news because this allows you to build passive income. And if you continue to create great, valuable content on your site, you will get tons of targeted traffic coming to your website ever week , and of course out of the tons of people visiting your site, your bound to land  people that love your content and are ready to sign up. Now This week, I managed to make over $800(with tips included) and worked less than 40 hours, physically driving for uber. Yea that’s pretty cool but that’s not the most  important part…Finding a way to conduct myself as a business owner is the most important part. Thinking big is the most important part. And using a web/blog site like this one here will pay me for years to come.

As for an exit plan, I would love to give you your own personal exit plan, but the reality is, I don’t know  what your passion is, and that’s for you to decide. One things for sure, I know what I’m passionate about and I know what motivates me to get up every morning and grind,  and that’s the ability to have time freedom and financial freedom within the next 2 years. Having the options to do whatever I want with my family, without ever having to stress about the lack of money is my motivation. So I chose to pursue a career in becoming an internet marketer, not an uber driver. Driving for uber part time and working at my other job as a care taker helps me pay the bills and fund my  main online business.

My uber blogsite is my intellectual property that will pay me passively in the near future and will also be a catalyst of other things that I can do. But my exit plan is to get rid of my 9-5 job, and build many online businesses. Someone once said that “I would rather make 1% of 100 peoples efforts than 100% of my own”.  I’ll leave you with that…

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Till Next Time 🙂

How To Make Money As A Part Time Uber Driver

make-money-vehicleYES I said part time. Becoming an uber driver  is hands down the best part time gig you can have! And making some good money is totally possible when doing it the right way. My first week I worked less than 30 hrs and made $543.02 (not including $36 dollars in tips)with using these 3 tips that Im going to share with you.

Tip#1- Know your cities’ hot spots and upcoming events.




Knowing this alone is worth thousands of dollars when done right.  If you know WHERE the people hang out and WHEN they hang out, then you can position yourself to pick up rides left and right. Getting this right will allow you to set yourself apart from the poor and average uber drivers. And when there’s a surge going,  you can catch the surge ON TIME. Before the event begins, its always good to be a few miles away from the actual event so you can pick up people who want to attend the event. I recommend doing this 15-20 mins prior to the start of the event. And when it ends, you want to get there 10-15 minutes before they come out so you can pick them up and take them home right away, and come back to rinse and repeat. Downtown areas and college campuses are generally key hot spots in any state for uber drivers, so you can always start there, but I recommend you really get to know your city to get the edge. You can also go online and google upcoming events in your city. Lastly, most uber drivers don’t get to know their customer by asking them simple but valuable questions to get good conversation going. I recommend you do the opposite. One valuable question you can ask them, is if they know anything about upcoming local events. You’d be surprised on the responses.




This is a vital mistake that I see uber drivers make all the time. They Aimlessly drive around, waiting for a request from a rider. This a lose-lose situation. #1- Your wasting gas and your putting unnecessary miles on your car. I did this in the beginning, and I literally would have to end the day/night early because I didn’t want to spend any more money on gas. There was no way that I can make an actual profit in the long run because I was spending a ridiculous amount of money on gas, and also maintaining my car became a lot more frequent due to all the unnecessary miles. Luckily I found great mentors that are killing it with uber and showed me the right way to do it. Now the bad news is, most uber drivers will never change this major mistake because the urge to drive around will be too hard for them to suppress. The good news is, this gives you the opportunity to blow the average uber driver out of the water just by understanding and applying this valuable tip. #2- Violating this tip is only  going to hurt you because you’re constantly changing your location an uber doesnt like that! You have to discipline yourself and pick a busy street and stay put. If you research all the top uber drivers in the nation, they all agree with this. Your chances of getting a ride within minutes dramatically increase because you aren’t constantly changing locations, making it difficult for a rider to request a pickup. I recommend you stay put for 10-12 minutes max, and if you don’t get a ride, move to a different location. Trust me, this works. You’ll thank me later…


Tip#3- Strive to be a 5


Being a 5 star uber driver is so key in this game. Believe it or not, there are customers who look forward to getting our great customer service and they have standards on who to accept and who not to accept as their uber driver. For example lets say that this person requested a ride, and you popped up on there screen with a 4.1 out of 5 star rating. Well, most likely they will decline and request another ride with the intentions of looking for a higher rated driver. Also, Uber will most likely suspend your account because of your low rating, and nobody wants that right? Most importantly, having a high rating is a reflection on your customer service and that goes a long way. Now if you have a high rating, not only will you get more rides from high quality customers(that will tip you), but Uber will actually give you rides over other nearby drivers simply because of your higher rating over the other drivers. Now I have no problem with this, and neither should you, simply because your mission is to get more commission. The higher your rate is, the more rides you will get, the more tips you will get and the more money you will make. Having a clean car, and stocking your car with gum, water and magazines is a very easy start to help boost your rating as an uber driver. So remember, always strive to be a 5.

Well those were my 3 tips on How To Make Money As A Part Time Uber Driver

Hope you found this helpful 🙂

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